The Art of Using Plugins in WordPress

Sunday, 26 July 2020 17:09


WordPress is considered as the most renowned platforms for the sites and blogs of eCommerce. It runs 35% of the entire Internet and 60% of the global CMS (Content Management System) market.

And its success has only become possible because of its great plugins. WordPress has almost 54896 plugins in total, and this number may vary anytime, even at the time you are going through the article. Finding the appropriate WordPress plugin is indeed a little exhausting and challenging, but it is not impossible to do. Many web developers can favor choosing the necessary plugins for your business, like java web application development. They determine plugins that work best for your online site or eCommerce store.

So, here we have few arts of using Plugins in WordPress which are as follows:

1- W3 Total Cache, increases page load speed

If you want to have more visitors at your page, the W3 Total Cache plugin is designed to boost the speed of page load for WordPress. This plugin reduces download timing and supports your site to get the highest rank in search engines. This plugin improves your web page's performance, especially during peak hours, which is often challenging to maintain for crucial sites.

2- Akismet, filters spam

For keeping your site saved from the spam messages, Akismet's use can be the best filter. The comments on your blog that seems spam are easily filtered out through this plugin. This plugin keeps history for users to view the spam messages that were removed by the Akismet Web Service. Moreover, such comments that were obvious as spam or unmarked by a mediator will be highlighted in history.

3- Beehive, track your users

For gaining popularity, it's essential to monitor your users how and when they are using your site and focusing on which contains the more. It gives admiration to your website and helps you to make amendments likewise. For such purpose, Google Analytics is one of the best tools, and the Beehive plugin brings such information directly to your dashboard. This plugin not only favors you to track visits, counts page views, bounce rate, sums visit duration spent on a particular page or blog, and referrers, but also supports you to analyze the buyer's behaviour at your site to explain your products/services performance.
It gives an understandable display along with the entire site statistics for your ease.

4- Jetpack, increases viewers engagement

The jetpack plugin is best suitable for your WordPress site if you are willing to improve security and site performance. This plugin best provides sufficient content tools, making the site's feature engaging and attractive for the users. It also includes social sharing, posts through Email, spam-free messages and comments, and much more. This plugin has also contained a user-friendly mobile theme feature that is frivolous and reactive, planned for phones and tablets.

5- Easy Social Sharing to increase engagement

Every site owner desires to see their site as high ranked among many. For such reason, it's essential to keep people engaged by using various share buttons on your blogs, posts, and pages. By this mean, you can increase the viewer's engagement on your site and attracts traffic from your social media accounts. By Easy Social Sharing, the content can be shared easily around 18 social media networks with just a single click. This plugin can also count the no. of sharing your content, so this would enable you to keep track of the number of shares of your posts or content on social media platforms.


6- Broken Line Checker, recognizes links

This plugin is best to found links in your posts, pages, comments, blog roll, etc. And this link identifies the missing links that are no more working, any missing images, or redirects. If in case any broken relationship is observed, this plugin can directly edit the link to avoid any manual updating. It is best to keep your content linked and updated.


The use of plugins in WordPress has become essential for keeping your site high ranked and user friendly. Due to such reasons, many site holders used to outsource their site management to relate and update every new feature best suitable for their site.

So, to get your site high ranked among many others, choose the best suitable plugin for your site for the boosted recognition and high fame!


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